FAQs - Getting Started

    • How can I get account with Alxeo?

      Getting registered with Alxeo is very simple single step. Go to login page , fill up all fields and get Alxeo account for free.

    • What I need to get Alxeo account?

      To get registered with Alxeo, You need to provide valid email address and active mobile number.

    • Can I register using my mobile phone?

      There are two ways to get registered using mobile phones.

      • 1- Our website is fully mobile responsive. You can open signup page in mobile browser and get registered with Alxeo
      • 2- Get our mobile app and follow registertation wizard. It will guide you by simple steps
    • What is a local access number?

      A local access number is the number you need to call in order to use your PINless dialing

    • Do I need to pay to get registered with Alxeo?

      No. You don't have to pay to get registered but to use Alxeo service you have to recharge your account.

    • How can I update my personal details?

      Login to our web portal with your login details. On dashbard you will see options to update your personal details.

    • If I forget my password. How can I get it?

      Go to forget password page, enter required details. You will get your password on your registered email address.

    • Is their any expiration for account?

      No. You can keep account as long as you want.

FAQs - Making Calls

    • How can i make calls?

      First you have to get account with Alxeo. After successful recharge, you have two options to make calls

      • 1- Download our mobile apps on your mobile phone. Login with your details and then you will be able to make calls
      • 2- If you don't have mobile app, you can use our access numbers to make calls
    • Do I need to use any PIN to use access number?

      No. It is PINless dialing. You have to dial access number from your registered number.

    • How many numbers can i set as registered number for single account?

      Alxeo do not have any limitation. You can store as many numbers as you want for PINless.

    • What will be my Caller ID?

      We will use your registered mobile number as your caller ID

    • Can I call anywhere in the world?

      Yes, you can make calls to any destination in the world by using Voice Credit

    • Can I check my calls history?

      Login to our web portal using your login details. On main dashboard, you will see option to view calls history

FAQs - Billing & Payments

    • How can I purchase credit to make calls?

      Login to Alxeo web portal. Go to Buy Credit screen. You can select amount and payment option to process your transaction.

    • What are the different payment options?

      Alxeo ’ Billing Portal allows customers to set up and arrange payments for their account through either paypal or credit card online. You can also track payments, see statements and manage the features and services you’re signed up for.

    • What credit and debit cards do you accept?

      Alxeo accepts the following cards for payment:

      • Visa (credit and debit cards)
      • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)
      • American Express
      • Discover
      • Paypal
    • How can i get best calling rates?

      Alxeo provide different calling plans based on destination with special rates. You can purchase any plan to get best calling rates.

    • Is there any rate difference in dialing from mobile app or access number?

      No. Rate are same for both.

    • Is there any rate difference if i use this service from different?

      No. Rate are same for both.

    • Can I check my payment history?

      Login to our web portal using your login details. On main dashboard, you will see option to view payment history